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Between observing and participating.

"Chakra Viva" performed by 1000 Fuegos on October 12th at The Goodfoot

1000 Fuegos performing BT at The Goodfoot 8/3/13

(Source: 1000fuegos)


Donde se acaba la intención.

After a house party that lasted till 3am (it had been a while since I had been in a mosh pit!) and an angry band mate that kept me up till sunrise (Ooohh whiskey…) we hopped on a plane to Hawaii at 8am. I tried to sleep on the plane but I was overwhelmingly tense…

We landed…

When your flying to a foreign place, specially one with so much fertile land, there’s one thing you should know before you land…

How are you getting around?

I went to over 20 car rental booths finding the cheapest as my forehead got warmer and warmer. A fever was coming on and I had two weeks of shows to play across the Big Island of Hawaii.

This is 1000 Fuegos playing “Mene” from the first show (the day after we landed) at

Bayfront Kava Bar, Hilo Hawaii with Medicine for the People and Worth Babson March 2010

Nuestro Mil Fuegos

Every morning he rose with the sun to express an idea. A prolific shoe-maker with an evolving understanding of constructing and maintaining the soul. My grandfather had several shoe-making factories across Cuba, an entrepreneur of his time and place.  Political forces eventually confiscated all of these accomplishments, but not his family. His children fled to the US and reclaimed their parents.

Cada mañana amaneció con el sol para expresar una idea. Un prolífico zapatero con una persepción expansivo de la construcción y el mantenimiento del fondo. Mi abuelo tenía varias fábricas de calzado por la Cuba entera, un empresario de su tiempo y lugar. Las fuerzas políticas finalmente confiscadon todos estos logros, pero no a su familia. Sus hijos se partieron a los Estados Unidos y, con su residencia nueva, recorrieron sus padres.

As a crusty 16-year-old, I really started to remember… I considered mortality along with immortal presence, aka culture. Each one of us has a unique set of understandings and gifts to share and evolve from.

Un niño crujiente de 16 años de edad, por fín empecé a recordar … consideré la mortalidad junto con la presencia inmortal, aka’ la cultura. Cada uno de nosotros tiene un conjunto único de entendimientos y regalos para compartir y evolucionar a partir de.

I remember him standing over a machine, tweaking knobs and adjusting leather for hours, like I find myself hovering over a sheet of paper, a guitar or this laptop.

Me acuerdo de el parado sobre la machina, ajustando perillas y moviendo cuero por horas- como yo me encuentro sobre una hoja de papel, una guitarra o esta computadora.

My grandfather’s side is from a city called “Cien Fuegos,” meaning One Hundred fires. Out of respect and admiration for his passion and the culture I’m evolving, this is 1,000 Fuegos.

La parte de mi abuelo son de Cien Fuegos, Cuba. Con respeto y admiración por su pasión y la cultura que estoy evolucionando, llamé este proyecto 1.000 fuegos.

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